Volunteer Internship Program

Volunteer Internship Program is an unpaid opportunity during the winter and spring quarters. Interns will be assigned to a Coordinator to plan a specific event or work with the CCC activity. V.I.P Interns help to spread awareness of culturally relevant topics impacting educational equity under their coordinator. All V.I.P Interns will be assigned to work with a specific coordinator based on their interest or participation in other communities being hosted. Becoming a V.I.P Intern is ideal for folks that are passionate about raising community awareness and who seek to build their public speaking, leadership skills, team building, and planning abilities.

Transcript Notation will be given to the interns that have completed the program and are looking to build proficiency in a specific area that aligns with the values and mission of the CCC.  After their internship, participants will receive official transcript notation, update their resume, create or update their LinkedIn profile, including a professional headshot, and be able to articulate their transferable skills. All participants will be invited to attend an end-of-the-quarter VIP reception.

Requirements include:

  • Maintain good academic standing (2.0 GPA and meet minimum progress)
  • Maintain an accurate log of hours
  • Attend CCC Volunteer & Internship Program (VIP) Orientation in Winter

Applications open in Fall