About Us

The Cross Cultural Center (CCC) stands as a prominent identity resource center within the state, known for its size and influence. With a dedicated and passionate team, the CCC boasts a diverse group of +25 student staff, supported by 6 full-time career staff, and a thriving volunteer program. By means of engaging events, innovative programs, and a welcoming community space, the CCC actively facilitates the growth of individuals' perspectives and empathy. Rooted in a storied past, the CCC's operations are guided by a set of six core values, shaping its mission and vision.

We conduct workshops that support these communities:

  • A&PI
  • Chicanx/Latinx
  • Indigenous
  • Black/ African Diaspora

Our programs and resources also include:

  • Volunteer Internship Program 
  • Climate Change
  • Danzantes Del Alma
  • CAN Counseling
CCC Chart