Culture Days

The Cross Cultural Center hosts Culture Days throughout the year, featuring exciting celebrations that showcase diverse cultures. Students can join the planning committees and actively contribute to these events. Contact the coordinator to get involved and help organize and host our cultural celebrations.

Black Family Day

Black Family Day is a time of festivity and joy as students and families congregate on the quad in the warm spring air.

La Gran Tardeada

La Gran Tardeada is a day-long celebration for the Chicanx/Latinx community to come together for food, music and dance.

Lights Festival

The Asian Pacific Islander Community Night Market (APCNM) started in 2015 as a collaboration with the Taiwanese American Organization. It has grown from a cultural night into a vibrant Night Market with diverse vendors, captivating performances, and delicious food. In 2023, it has evolved into a breathtaking light festival, welcoming SWANA, MENASA, and API communities to unite and celebrate together in an inclusive environment.


Powwow, as practiced today, is a social gathering intended to provide the campus and local community a space to learn about, engage with, and celebrate the traditions and cultures of Indigenous peoples, and bring visibility to the vibrancy of Native American music, dance, and arts.

Vendor Information

Are you interested in becoming a food or craft vendor at one of our cultural events? Please fill out the form, and our planning committee will be in touch with you during the preparation stages.

2024 Cultural Days